Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gluten Free Wraps

I don't like soup in the summer so I've had to re-adjust what to do about quick easy meals and summertime is aways a must for quick sandwiches and wraps. It can be tough when trying to be Gluten Free to manage alternative meals when you're on a road trip or picnic and everyone else is eating bread. Also, I find that it just isn't as filling to eat lettuce wrapped lunch meat - yummy, but not filling. I'm always starving 15-minutes later. So this morning was the first time I have tried this, and it turned out perfect and delicious!

All I did was cook up the Gluten Free Crepes I posted about back in April (minus any sugar - you want a "savory" not sweet crepe). I then just fixed it up like a wrap.

Important point: Remember that I use my tortilla warmer to keep my crepes in while cooking them all up. I find that this not only keeps them warm for the moment, but it also keeps the crepes moist so that they aren't sitting out in the air and getting crusty. My point being, IF your crepes are hard to use as a wrap because they are cracking and breaking up, try putting them in a tortilla warmer or a bowl with a towel snug around and on top of the crepes right after cooking. I notice that this works the same with regular tortillas from the store if you are toasting them up and let them sit out in the air they crack when rolling .... but if you place them in a tortilla warmer for a moment they will have some flexibility to roll nicely.

I now have wraps for the week! I put my stack of crepes between two paper towels and keep them in a large Ziploc in the refrigerator.

Gluten Free BLT Wrap

1 Gluten Free Crepe (not hot out of the pan unless you like that)
Turkey Bacon cooked up
Tomato diced
Veganaise (or mayonnaise)
Ketchup (ok, I'm weird, I like ketchup on my BLT's!)

You can do anything with these. I've done a PB&J wrap before too. I'm going to eat another BLT for lunch but make a club by adding Turkey.

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Sutherlands said...

So cool! What a good idea! I still haven't made the crepes on my own yet, I keep meaning to. I guess I will have to do it soon! They are so versatile!

Rochelle said...

yum yum...I'm going to make some right now! Where's the pic? jkg

Molly said...

dang. I had a photo up but it must have disappeared. you KNOW I always post a photo! I posted it from Picasa so who knows. There you go!