Monday, February 15, 2010

Pad Thai in a Pinch

When I make Pad Thai, I like to use whatever I have available in the fridge. So basically you have your base items and then just add whatever else you feel might be good vegtable or meat wise...

Base Items for a quick fix meal include:
- For the Gluten Free: Thai rice noodles (they look like fettuccine noodles but really white). These will be in the Aisan section. Cook as directed! You never boil rice noodles.
- For those who don't care about gluten, get some soba noodles also in the Aisan section - round and look like sticks.
- I use a ready-made Pad Thai Sauce (this us the point of this being a quick make). My very favorite brand is Annie Chungs. It's divine.
- don't worry if you don't have these, but they are signature items of the dish: lime and peanuts (unsalted). Also green onion if you don't mind onion.

What I put in my dish aside from the above ingredients was finley chopped lacinato kale (or use any green cabbage) and mushrooms (any brown type).


I fill my tea kettle as full as I can or boil some water (2-3 cups). Chop the kale, measure out some noodles. Place the noodles in a glass or ceramic bowl, big enough for the hot water to cover them (break in half if you want). Use a smaller bowl for the cabbage. When the water is boiling hot and ready, pour it over both the noodles and cabbage covering them. Steep the cabbage only for a minute or two. You want it al dente. Read the instructions for the noodles. Cut up the remaining ingredients. For the peanuts, roughly chop and toast in a pan on the stovetop. Cut the lime wedges and use right before eating. Steam carrots or broccoli before adding as well. Cilantro can also be a yummy addition.


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