Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oatmeal Cakes

Ben made these oatmeal cakes for his Rainier Hike.
Take some oats and grind them up in a magic bullet or food processor so
it's chunky flour. Mix in some water just so you can form the oats into a flat patty.
Fry in Olive Oil until browned. Salt. Enjoy! These are really tasty and keep well for a backpacking trip. The trick is not to grind the oats into pure flour. You want that chunky oat flavor to shine through. Delicious as a snack!


Molly said...

These ARE DIVINE!! simple, quick and like eating one of those big, fresh pretzels that you crave... only better!

Ben told me that the ratio was to grind (measured pre-grind) 1 C. Oats (steel cut, not quick oats) and add 1/4 cup water. He just pats them together by hand (don't grind the water in).

sea salt on top after frying and wallah! mmmm! He made them camping for a midnight treat and we were all drooling.

heidi and Doug said...

yumm what a neat way to make a treat :)

Shannon said...

trying this...

zachariah said...

I meant to snag a bite of one of these at Rainier from Ben, they looked good.