Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spanish Eggs

Printable Recipe Here

Spanish Eggs with Valentina Sauce

You can make this combination whatever you wish.
This is just my variation of Spanish Eggs. I strongly emphasize presentation when I make a
meal because "just eggs" is not fun or yummy. Adding any type of garnish or topping from
the garden makes breakfast eggs that much more exciting.

Eggs - however many you want to eat [free range brown]
Valentina Salsa Picante (very cheap at your local grocer in the Mexican isle) or any hot sauce
Real Bacon Pieces
Parsley - chopped
Tomato - any combination [I used yellow jellybean and a Roma both from my garden]
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese - OPTIONAL (real Spanish eggs have cheese but I am allergic) - shredded
Fresh Ground Pepper and Salt to taste

1. Heat your pan to medium, spray with Olive Oil (or canola)
2. Crack eggs into the pan, turn heat down to medium-low
3. Sprinkle Valentina or any hot sauce of your choice in any quantity you want over the raw egg tops.
4. Sprinkle the bacon pieces, cracked pepper and salt over eggs
5. Cook side one of eggs to your preferred doneness, turn them
6. Add Cheese if you are having any, cook until yokes are to your liking
7. sprinkle half the chopped parsley over eggs, add chopped/sliced tomatoes and sprinkle the rest of the parsley on top of those.

Enjoy! Compliment them with a side of fruit. :)


Rochelle said...

Man those look good! YUM YUM YUM!!!Your toms are beautiful too. I guess I'll have to come over for breakfast. We'll make gluten free cinnamon rolls. yeah but lets wait until Sept. when this heat lets up.

Shannon said...

I love the printable option on the posts. Rochelle, I bought oats to make those little cakes that you made for Ben.

Molly said...

:) too bad my mom and I don't live next to each other. Breakfast would be a daily thing.

Cinnamon rolls sound fab right now.

Molly said...

Shannon glad you like the printable recipes! :) nice to know someone is using that feature.