Thursday, April 2, 2009

Serendipity Doo-Da Design

Hey everyone. I will slowly evolve Serendipity Kitchens into a fun custom design. I also have some recipes and cooking to include, but I have been swamped with work through MollyBean (check out my newest site design-in-progress). I have some great ideas for the blog design that I am really excited about.

We would like to add anyone in the fam that wants to post about what's going on in their food world so don't be shy, if you would like to be an author, please let us know.


Shannon said...

I might be able to post 1.5 times per month if you want to add me as an author. I might be able to review, too.

heidi and Doug said...

i would love to put my non cooking skills to work LOL
hey what kind of nacho cheese was used in the crunchwrap