Thursday, April 30, 2009

Veggie Stir Fry Sushi Rolls (yeah, no rice!)

Originally I had meant to create a stir fry over Pad Thai noodles (which I did), but then, wallah! This creation was born. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Let me know if you try an alternative stir-fry center. I think some sliced steak would be delicious to add.

Printable Recipe

Healthy Factoids
is rich in iodine and iron and quite high in protein. It is also a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium and riboflavin (B2).
Not only does it have all these nutritional riches, it is also a low-fat food.

No Rice, What?! I love sushi, but I don't like the amount of white sticky rice that comes with it. This recipe gives you a delicious, low-calorie way of eating sushi. Plus, whenever I think about making sushi I think it's going to be a big ordeal, taking out the rice step really makes this a quick-fix item. Really you can do any kind of vegetable and/or meat variety. This was just one example to show you how you can enjoy the benefits of Nori and sushi without all that rice!

Nori Sheets

Shallots or Small White Onion (I actually use dehydrated white onion)
Garlic, 2-4
Cloves sliced thin
Sweet Potatoes, cubed about 1/4"
Asparagus, broken into 1/2-1" pieces
Brussel Sprouts, quartered lengthwise (or halved if they are really tiny already)
Crimini Mushrooms, cubed about 1/4" (or Shitaki or other brown mushroom)
Cabbage, sliced thin lengthwise; feather-sliced (I used a small ruffly head - will update the name when I go back to the store. Any green will do though)
Lacinato kale, sliced small, about 1/2"

White Cooking Wine
Olive Oil for frying
Sea Salt

Toasted Sesame Seeds (I did a white/black mix)
Mung Bean Sprouts

Sushi grade Soy Sauce (or Tamari Sauce... any sushi sauce of your choice)

Special Items to help you out:
Sushi [Bamboo] Roller
Chop Sticks

Stir fry your filling (Start with the hardest vegetables first). I suggest the following order...
  1. Heat a splash of Olive Oil in your skillet. Add the Onion and Garlic Slices and saute until golden.
  2. Add Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus and Brussel Sprouts (only add the Asparagus if you are using a thick variety, if thin, wait until you add thinner vegetables).
  3. Toss these veggies with the sauteed Onion and Garlic. Add a splash of the White Cooking Wine, Cover and let it infuse/steam. Cook these until almost tender.
  4. Add the quick cooking veggies now; Crimini Mushrooms, Cabbage and Lacinato Kale. Continue to toss and cook everything until desirable doneness. I like all my veggies to be a little Al Dent.
  5. Add a sprinkle of Sea Salt to taste

  • Boil Some water in a kettle or a soup pot (you will only need it to be 1-2" deep). turn off after boiling if using a pot or pour into a dish almost as big as your Nori sheets.
  • Take your Nori sheets and either very lightly-quickly dip them into the hot water. You can try to steam them or dip quickly. Just don't let the sheet SIT in the hot water.
  • Make sure the sheet is not dripping wet, lay it out on your Sushi Roller like you would for regular Sushi making.
  • Place a generous amount of stir fry near the top end (closest to you).
  • Sprinkle Sesame Seeds and add a small amount of fresh Mung Beans on top of the stir fry filling.
  • Roll it like regular sushi rolling. It should go pretty easy as the wet Nori should adhere a bit to itself. Keep the roll tight as you don't have the advantage of using sticky rice for extra 'stick'.
  • Slice and Serve. I dipped mine in the Sushi Soy Sauce and then in the Sesame Seeds and it was just divine. Adding a little Wasabe to the soy sauce would have been yummy too.


Molly said...

...oh yeah, and buy your Nori at a REAL Asian Market/Store and ask the owner/clerk which Nori to purchase if there is a wide selection. Odds are anything on their shelf SHOULD be good, but just to make sure, ask.

I don't have a brand as my source is plainly packaged for restaurants with zero brand. I have used regular stuff from the organic section even at Food4Less and it is crap. If you hate your rolls and they seem fishy, it is the Nori. So don't give up and despair if you have never made your own Nori, just make sure to SERIOUSLY get it at a real Asian market!

Rochelle said...

You should move in and be my personal chef. yummmmm....those look delish!

Shannon said...

So I was just thinking... is this something that ben can eat?

Molly said...

Shannon, Ben would have to have select filling ingredients and we'd have to check to see how the Nori was prepared/processed before feeding it to him.

But the basic concept would probably work, yeah. I am going to do a sushi wrap using lacinato kale instead of the Nori for fun. I need to get some more kale though. Ben could definitely eat something like that (with different veggie filling).

Sutherlands said...

I'm thinking the Lacianato kale would be a tastier wrap for me! I am not that in to sushi. OK so i think it is disgusting. But I would be willing to taste this...when can I schedule you in to cook for me? haha Let me know if the Kale worked.