Sunday, April 5, 2009

Simple Greenhouse

I've been getting some requests on how I built my simple greenhouse.
Since this is where a lot of the vegies come from for my cooking I decided
to show some pics.
Cost: $60.oo for 3 4X16 feet cattle panels ($20.00 each)
$8.00 for plastic
Bend the cattle panels in half and wire together. Voila! Greenhouse!
I can grow year round here in my zone 8 garden with this simple invention.

I like to recycle when I can. I used old drawers from a dresser.
Cinder blocks from my brothers house found randomly outside.
Planters from my mom's house. I made the dirt with compost bought
at a local farm that makes it for $18.00 a yard, perlite, and peat moss.
We just finished eating the overwintered pac choi, spinach, and kale.


Shannon said...

I love how you used old dresser drawers. It looks cool in there with all of the boxes hanging off the walls. I can't wait to have a yard.

Molly said...

You are so awesome Mom! I am going to post this to my friends who were asking about it. :)

...and I am always so jealous when you are bragging about eating fresh greens from the garden and it's snowing outside!

Sutherlands said...

That is so cool! or shall I say warm? I love it! I love the smell of greenhouses--they always remind me of when we were kids. :)