Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I know this isn't something I actually made, but it was an exciting find for me.

My son has had three ear infections since December, and subsequently was put on 10-day antibiotic cycles each time. The side effect of this is that it depletes the amount of "good" bacteria in his intestines. This bacteria comes in the form of live and active cultures in yogurt and is what gives yogurt its distinct taste. So, I needed to feed him yogurt to help build up the good bacteria. The problem with the yogurts I was finding were the high amount of sugar and unrecognizable ingredients.

I found YoBaby at Grocery Outlet for $1.50 per six-pack! It turns out to be the best deal around. I checked at Food 4 Less and it was something like $4.50 per six-pack. You can buy it in different flavors aside from plain if you so desire. YoBaby is made with whole milk, has only 3-4 ingredients and they are all things I am familiar with.
In this picture I mashed up bananas and mixed them in the yogurt. I have also used homemade jam to sweeten it up a little bit.

Alex loves it! And I feel better because it is so healthy for him.


Rochelle said...

I love food reviews! I've tasted this yogurt and it's really good! (alex always shares his food with me) Great post Robyn!

Molly said...

I never knew about YoBaby until Robyn told me. Although Dominic hadn't needed it for these reasons, it is a great alternative food that he enjoys. :)

I bought the expensive ones at Food4Less. lol

And this blog is about food, kitchen, gardening, eating ... anything of the sort that's good information! Thanks for posting!